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Indinavir is an fda pregnancy category c drug.

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Information about Indinavir.

Urogenital Systemnephrolithiasis/urolithiasisin some cases resulting in renal insufficiency or acute renal failurepyelonephritis with or without bacteremiasee WARNINGSinterstitial nephritis sometimes with indinavir crystal depositsin some patientsthe interstitial nephritis did not resolve following discontinuation of CRIXIVANrenal insufficiencyrenal failureleukocyturiasee PRECAUTIONScrystalluriadysuria.

Because of the complex regimens and side effects associated with the use of indinavirthis drug is rarely used in Canada and other high-income countriesStillif indinavir is prescribed in Canadahere is some information.

Body As A Wholeredistribution/accumulation of body fatsee PRECAUTIONSFat Redistribution

Do not let anyone else take your medicationAsk your pharmacist any questions you have about refilling your prescription.

Milk thistleone study has found decreased indinavir levels in some userswhile another study has notVitamin Cone smallshort-term study has found a small but significant decrease in indinavir levels when 1 gram/day of vitamin C was also taken.

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in studies of indinavir with ritonavir, saquinavir, and amprenavir, the extent and spectrum of cross-resistance varied with the specific hiv mutational patterns observed; the degree of cross-resistance typically increased with the accumulation of resistance-associated amino acid substitutions.

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