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If you take antabuse and.

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Information about Antabuse.

Ths a not all th sid cts that may occu. I you hav qustions about sid cts, call you docto. Callyou doctmdical advic about sid cts.

Consuming alcohol with Antabus will ctainly mak popl sick, but dos this hlp thm stop dinking? Ys, it dos. Somtims. I thy us it coctly. ollowing a som slctd quots om patints whhav takn Antabus. (Th commnts can b ound on th wbsit

Not: Occasionally patints, whil smingly on adquat maintnanc doss disuliam, pot that thy a abl tdink alcoholic bvags with impunity and without any symptomatology. All appaancs tth contay, such patints must b psumd tb disposing thi tablts in som mann without actually taking thm. Until such patints hav bn obsvd liably taking thi daily disuliam tablts (pably cushd and wll mixd with liquid), it cannot b concludd that disuliam is inctiv.

(1) vn at twwks, Antabus can still mak you sick at dinking, although many popl may gt away with dinking about ou days at th last dos th dug. This is an xpimnt you want tun.

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